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Data Compliant Ltd

Data Compliant helps organisations achieve and maintain GDPR, e-privacy and DPA 2018 compliance.

One of the most respected data protection companies in the country, each DC senior consultant has a minimum of 25 years` data protection experience. We help clients from a broad range of UK and international business sectors including retail, e-commerce, financial services, healthcare, pharma, education, leisure, travel, hospitality, charities and publishing, media, data/tech and start-ups.

We provide Data Protection Officers, Compliance and Security Gap Analysis, Risk Assessment and Consultancy for all areas of your business.

Our Data Compliant Academy provides online and face-to-face training. Using gaming technology, our engaging, role-playing courses provide fast, cost-effective training for large numbers at all skill levels. Our experienced trainers provide face-to-face training through a variety of means such as round-table workshops and classroom-style lectures.

We take pride in breaking down the compliance process into manageable chunks - as one of our clients put it ... ` ... a particular gift for helping one work through the thorniest of subjects, from safeguarding to compliance, in a way that feels easy on digestibility but with depth and substance`.

We adopt that same manageable approach through every area of your organisation - from sales and marketing to operations and customer service; from warehouse and IT to Finance and Human Resources.

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