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We provide our clients with a wide range of services to enable them to improve how they operate as a business and meet their strategic objectives, while improving efficiency and creating competitive advantage. We are able to work in all areas both private and public sectors with our tailored delivery, we are able to produce real improvement to your organisation, areas that we cover are
• Process Management
• Idea generation
• Pre Audit assessment
• Project feasibility

All business have a fundamental need to continually improve their business processes, Domitius Consultancy, uses process mapping that will map all business process and departmental processes to obtain an end to end process, across the entire business. We can identify bottlenecks and efficiency saving, making reports to management on how these can be improved
At Domitius Consulting we believe that constant innovation is the key to creating competitive advantage our problem solving innovation techniques. We support organisations to develop their innovation strategy, working with everyone involved to create an environment allowing the for innovative thinking of ideas,
Domitius Consulting is able to pre audit your organisation and give you a Pre-Assessment report, before an audit, highlighting areas that need review and change before an external audit and will increase your chances of getting a good report from your external audit,
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