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AA Beacon Consultancy Ltd

AA Beacon Consultancy - where happiness meets the workplace.

"19% of humans are actively disengaged from work, meaning they`re disgusted by it. We`re going to need to start triggering some positive emotions. Firms that don`t do that probably won`t be around for much longer`
~ Dan Cable, Professor Of Organisational Behaviour at London Business School

Welcome to AA Beacon Consultancy - where happiness meets the workplace. We offer corporate coaching (leadership, career, professional development planning/education), team building (team building sessions, workshops, retreats), and personal performance coaching (health, relationship, life goals) to your workforce talent. Make sure you keep those who are worth investing in close to your business.

Let`s build teams, let`s build workplaces worth going to. Let`s diminish Monday feelings. Let`s enjoy our life at work and at home. Let`s find more time, more satisfaction of doing what we love. If you are anything like me you love working for something you believe in. Let`s find what it is for you. Let`s find where it is for you. Let`s find your passion. Let`s find the balance between your work and your home. Let`s find the passion of your profession and the calm of your home. Let`s build teams that make all of that possible.

Call us when you need some clarity, peace or passion. Email us when your business, team or workforce talent need some spice and boost. You can choose from 1:1 sessions, team sessions and workshops. Tell us your needs and we will create a tailor made package for you.

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