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Core Growth

Core Growth, focusing on building startup culture from the core.

At Core Growth we work with pre-start-ups, start-ups and small businesses that are looking to grow without having to forfeit their unique individualism for corporate heavy structures. We're about helping you identify what it is you are, what you want to be and getting you on the path that takes you there without compromising on the glue that holds it all together, the culture!

Culture is often one of the biggest selling points for an organisation and one of the key things a potential new employee is looking for, so why is it that it comes so low down in the list of priorities when a companies success suddenly grows?!

Most of the time it's due to the speed at which they've had to scale, scaling has had to happen overnight to meet demand, you don't or haven't had the time or you're just plain unaware of its importance in the role it plays in growing your business.

More often than not when a small business takes off and is successful over night, it's rare they have the structure or support in place to cope and scale the business as is required and it quickly becomes a case of bums on seats. This is costly and unnecessary. Don't be another start-up that's fallen victim to its own success, contact us at Core Growth and we'll work with you to get you where you want to go whilst preserving what it is that makes you so special.

If you're building something amazing, we want to give you the amazing foundations you're going to need.

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