Stand Number: 586

Fearless Business Limited T/A FTSQ

We're a company that truly believes it's time for us to say: "F*** The Status Quo".

Our founder has decided to take a different path than the one she's been on. She's got 27 years of business experience, and has been there and done that in ways most people can't even imagine. She's been successfully helping other businesses grow and advance for years, but a recent bout of quite serious illness made her realise she wasn't being half as brave as she could be and so she thought it was time to 'turn it up to 11'​ and challenge herself to rip up the rule book.

One of her favourite sayings is "Think outside the box? As far as I'm concerned there is no f***ing box."​ And that is why she is on a journey towards doing things differently. She'll be honest, it's still a WIP, but then I guess if you truly intend to F*** The Status Quo, you should always be in a state of WIP.

But, one thing is clear, her vision. It's simple. She wants to use her knowledge and experience to champion every non-conformist that has ever been told they need to be more 'vanilla'​, or they are weird, or don't fit in. But Lena, ever the ballsy, straight talking Kiwi has one thing to say to that...F*** The Status Quo.

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