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Own Your Step

At Own Your Step, we partner with SMEs to reignite the spark in their people and build an innovation-centric culture that fuels self-renewing employee engagement. Through the use of targeted assessments and customised strength-based solutions, we work closely with teams and leaders to help them develop the skills needed to manage and foster a culture that truly welcomes co-creation and innovative thinking.

Innovation by definition is disruptive; therefore, to truly reap the benefits of an innovation-centric culture, leaders need to be equipped with a distinct set of skills. Established structures, set leadership styles and a strong focus on processes and procedures can improve productivity but, in the long run, will dampen the expression of original ideas affecting both engagement and bottom-line.

Our focus is on helping leaders and teams give voice and space to original ideas by creating an environment that truly welcomes creative thinking and innovative approaches. By leveraging our expertise in positive psychology frameworks, the neuroscience of conversations and Core Energy Leadership, we deliver customised training and leadership coaching that support teams and leaders in harnessing the power of every voice to 'build a hell-yes culture'.

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