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TransferWise makes managing your money globally fast, cheap and convenient.

The mission
At TransferWise our mission is money without borders - instant, convenient, transparent and eventually free. We`re powering money for people and businesses in their increasingly global lives - to pay, to get paid, to spend, in any currency, wherever you are, whatever you`re doing.

We`re always completely transparent about the cost - there's a single upfront fee and the exchange rate you get is the one you see on Google, with no hidden charges.

TransferWise was founded in 2010 when founders, Taavet and Kristo, realised how much they were being ripped off to bad exchange rates and hidden fees every time they transferred money between the UK and Estonia. Taavet was based in London but paid in euros; Kristo worked in London but paid a mortgage in Estonia in euros. Each needed what the other had so they began exchanging money between themselves, using the mid-market and avoiding the added fees charged by the bank. They saved thousands and realised there were millions of people across the world who could do the same.

So TransferWise started out as an online international money transfer platform. There are now borderless accounts and a debit card that allows you to hold, convert and spend money in 40 currencies at the read exchange rate, with local bank details for the UK, US, Europe and Australia. That means you can send, spend and save like a local, as well as getting paid around the world with zero fees, as if you lived there.

In April this year, TransferWise became the first non-bank payments services provider to hold a settlement account with the Bank of England. This gave us direct access to the Faster Payments Service, enabling us to offer instant transfers from pound sterling around the world.

TransferWise also has significant bank partnerships with BPCE (Europe`s 8th largest bank), Monzo, LHV in Estonia, N26 in Germany and we`re talking to major banks and businesses all over the world.

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