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Hive Retail

Need to raise up to £250k for your retail startup? - Hive Retail is the brain child of the founder of the multi national and multi million pound clothing brand, Rupert and Buckley. James Buckley-Thorp has developed the UKs first 3 day intensive course for all retail startup founders. The course brings industry experts from the marketing, product development, manufacturing, department store buyers (Harrods, Barney's and House of Fraser, to name a few), as well as investment planning.

After the three days, your retail startup idea will not only be stronger, but you will be in a more investable and actionable position. We have people from Google, IBM, WeWork and many other global brands to help you develop your idea in an intimate environment.

The course runs once a month and has a very limited amount of students per course. The course places are limited in order to make sure the study time is valuable, and no question is left unanswered.

If you have a retail startup idea then this could be the course for you! If you have a product that you make, or import into the country, and want to get stocked in stores or online department stores, then this course is for you. We can make sure you are using the best manufacturing services, we can help advise on importing into the country, as well as financing your idea. We can help develop your product niche and moving forward with successful marketing strategies.

Before you invest in your business, invest in yourself and your idea!

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