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Crosselerator Limited

Does your business need better cross-referral of sales leads between departments?

Do you need to make customers aware of new developments in your firm or product range?

Do you need a system that integrates with leading CRM?

Do you have great products or services in one business area that customers or clients of another don`t know about?

Do you want to add sales or marketing messages to your communications subtly - so you don`t seem to be pushing your products or services?

Do you want to be thought to be proactive in anticipating client needs?
If the answer to any of the above is yes...Crosselerator is for you!
Crosselerator is the automated cross-selling tool for professional practices and any `silo` business.

Crosselerator puts your marketers, not the people at the `sharp end` of the business, in control of cross-promotion messages.

It intelligently adds messages to normal outgoing e-mail correspondence, giving you a steady flow of enquiries with minimal effort.

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