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Packshot Factory

Our speciality is filming product based content for online and TV, we work directly with advertising agencies, production companies as well as direct to client.

We shoot all kinds of products at Packshot Factory, including jewellery, watches and cosmetics. We film specialist food and drinks sequences for major brands, we shoot electronic products including computers, tablets, mobile phones right through to cars and motorcycles.

We also shoot a lot of in-camera effects such as splashes, explosions and liquid pours and bursts. We can also shoot how-to films and 'Tasty' style recipe films.

As filmmakers we understand the importance of close teamwork; our in-house crew shoot product beauty for a living and are incredibly passionate about their craft as well as our clients' needs. When we hire stylists and specialist technicians, we choose experts and companies at the top of their game and this is what we believe makes our work stand out.

Filming products is not always straightforward but when you choose Packshot Factory you are not only buying a competitive deal on crew, studio hire, and equipment. Most importantly, you are buying our experience; 30 years of photographing and filming products on a daily basis is a significant wealth to draw upon.

Our Central London studios are fully equipped and ready to shoot all manner of products and effect sequences. With our in-house lighting and camera equipment we are ready to work at very short notice, making us an extremely flexible option.

Our facilities comprise of a 60m2 table-top studio and a larger 170m2 two-floor studio called IceTank, both equipped with client areas, kitchen facilities, ceiling rigs, and the ability to shoot with blue or green screen. We also provide water tanks, turntables, and conveyors and we are able to assemble specialist rigs at short notice. Our IceTank studio can be transformed into any scenery imaginable. With street-level access, the studio can accommodate motion control rigs, offering the ultimate combination of speed and precision for filming, as well as specialist ovens or any other heavy-duty equipment.

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