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Business Horizons International Ltd

Business Horizons International Limited (BHIL) is a Business to Business Client Introductions company that provides Premium Business Introduction Service. We assist businesses to grow Internationally by searching for suitable Business Clients that meet their specific requirements and connecting them with our extensive global network, through our Business Introduction Memberships.

Our aim is to provide suitable Business Introductions for all our valued Business Clients, enabling them to work together so that they can achieve and maximise their potential to expand their business horizons. Our International Business Clients are seeking opportunities in Europe, Africa, Asia and America. They continuously aspire to explore or reach new and developing markets, seeking increased demand for their goods and services as well as increase their consumer base or market share in specific markets and become leaders in niche market(s). There are always various business opportunities available such as gaining better Economies of Scale, Joint Ventures, Mergers and several other advantages of Business expansion that can be achieved through Business Introductions, which would benefit our clients by working together.

We aim to make Business Introductions A Smart Journey to Your Success.

Business Introductions can broaden a world of opportunities!

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