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Fresh Business Services Ltd

Tier 1 £200,000 of unsecured business funding for qualifying SME's

Fresh Business Services is recognised as a leading provider of business finance to SME`s across the UK. We work with a wide range of organisations to help them access funding that is a credible alternative to mainstream options, such as banks.

We specialise in the UK Government backed Tier 1 Entrepreneur scheme, by bringing together foreign investors who provide unsecured loans of £200,000 and UK based business investment opportunities.

Our core strengths are matching investor skills with our client`s financial and business needs, we take time to understand our clients and work with them to obtain the best fit possible with potential investors.

Our business experience, successful track record and ability to deliver practical solutions are just some of the reasons our clients grow faster and more efficiently using our services.

If you are a UK business looking for investment, we can help you secure the financial backing you need to fund expansion and realise potential.

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