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Tarot By Email

Planning a corporate or fundraising event? Tarot reading is popular, fun and a "low maintenance - high impact" entertainment option!

A Tarot reader adds an exciting, mysterious and interactive form of entertainment that your guests will love!

All I need to add a touch of mystique to the event is a table, a couple of chairs and a jug of water! I don`t need to be snuggled away in a private room - but it`s best to be slightly away from loud music and frantic activity so that your guests can enjoy their reading without any distractions.

As a business and marketing consultant with a life coaching qualification, a masters degree in Applied Linguistics, an honours degree in English and Psychology and a neuro-linguistic programming certificate, much of my time is spent advising business owners on how to unblock their potential and move forward strategically. This makes it a perfect fit for a business or corporate event!

So whether you`re organising an intimate get together or a large scale corporate event, I`d love to chat with you!

1-2-1 readings are also available - in person or by email or Skype.

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