Stand Number: 1024

Jardine Norton

Guaranteed, Immediate Payment on Your Government Contracts.

Jardine Norton gives businesses that provide goods and services to government access to guaranteed, immediate payment on successful tenders.

We enable more businesses to reap the benefits of working on public contracts by releasing working capital tied up in the project as soon as - or any time after - the contract is won.

Businesses take advantage of our facility in two ways:

Following a successful tender

You may access our finance at any time following a successful tender to draw down the money you are due immediately. Businesses often take this option to ease cash flow concerns that may arise during a project.

Pre-contract application

Sign up to free sector specific alerts to hear about the opportunities relevant to your business. All opportunities we send you come prefunded, allowing you to factor in the immediate availability of working capital.
Be more ambitious in the tenders you write knowing that you will have the money available to hire new staff, buy the required equipment or spend time on R&D should your bid be successful.

You Retain Control

Our facility is designed to help you retain control of your cash flow while working on government contracts. Therefore you choose how much to draw down on a contract and when.
Using us to forward fund one of your public contracts does not mean you are obliged to use us for any other public contracts you might be working on, or may win in the future.