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Empowering small businesses to control your growth journey with a real time credit facility.

inFund allows you to access and use finance on your own terms, through a simple, smart and flexible credit solution.

We built inFund for business owners who need access to finance unleash your growth.

Why? Small business owners make a big difference, to local communities, to the UK economy, to customers through increased choice and to their lives and the lives of others through the creation of jobs.

However they`re struggling to get the finance they need to grow and make an even bigger difference.

Getting finance today takes too long, is too complicated, is notoriously difficult to obtain and is outdated.

inFund is changing this... we want to build a better financial world for small businesses.

Say goodbye to inflexible loans and hello to a live credit facility, giving you access to finance on tap and the freedom to control the flow.

We have simplified every stage of finance from application to funding, right up until repayment. The result... speed, agility and control.

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