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Relate to Elevate

Unique type of learning for our next generation of leaders.The creation of Relate to Elevate was motivated by the importance of teaching young people aspects of life and learning in a unique way that will help them to explore what they can contribute to society by working with others, understand themselves and the gifts they have, thus helping them to achieve the goal of either being a good employee or entrepreneur running their own business. After running successful short term programmes I realised a need for a more permanent type of training that could be implemented within the school system to target young people before it is too late; hence the creation of the Diploma in Leadership, Entrepreneurship and Employability. Guided but exploratory learning with a learning style based on the knowledge that each brain depicts problems and equates solutions in different ways
I was seen as a bright student, but got bored quickly, was not challenged in the areas that interested me and the focus of learning was not helpful in figuring out what I wanted to do with my life. I often come across people who have kept with them the affirmations given by teachers and schools which can often be false or negative as these are based on our one type of learning and one way of assessing for all. I have a great passion for ensuring that every child and young person is offered the same life chances, right now I don`t believe this is the case.
The Leadership module starts from the premise that everyone is a leader, in that they have influence over others whether positive or negative. Elements of leadership can be learnt and unlocked from within. The course will therefore seek through teaching and practical experiences to offer team members, as exceptional individuals, the opportunity to grow as valuable leaders, shaping how they are seen by others and growing as wholesome rounded people both in their careers and personal lives.
Entrepreneurship looks at how people can take ideas and turn them into reality. Delving into thoughts, dreams and aspirations to find out that `something` that makes a person tick. With this module team members will be asked to create a business plan and where possible given the opportunity to explore how this could be implemented.
An important root into Entrepreneurship and the exercise of good Leadership is through working for someone else learning so many skills through both success and failure. What then is a `good employee`? Having the right attitude and approach to work is what the `Employability Module` is all about! It is essential then to firstly have a positive relationship with yourself before you can move on to having valuable and effective relationships with other people regardless of the setting or situation.
All three modules of the Diploma offer transferrable skills, valuable in whatever role is taken after completion, from further academics to the implementation of a new business. The titles of the modules may seem to contradict each other when in fact they create the ability to understand all the skills necessary to build a fulfilling life.

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