Stand Number: YBC54

Stand & Break Free

I was married for 19 years and then I got divorced.
My divorce was a traumatic experience. My father passed away, I lost my house through bankruptcy, I could not work with finance anymore.

All in the act of divorce! It affected me mentally, emotionally and physically. I was an empty vessel. The body was there but the spirit was gone! I went into a dark hole, into a deep depression and eating disorder.

What helped me?
The sheer determination of inner anger and pain but I decided to fight back. The person I became was strange to myself, it was not me in any shape or form! In the following 5 years, I educated myself emotionally, physically, spiritually and academically. I went to college.

Why? I was in search of happiness, forgiveness, and letting go. I wanted Inner peace. Do you feel the same?

As time went by, I really wanted to find someone again but I was not ready as I had issues still to be resolved and finding my missing jigsaws.

Let me help you resolve yours too and allow me to help you discover yourself, take control of your new life, for you to make your new choices, for you to put the process of new thinking, for you to leave the past with no regrets, for you to learn to forgive and live in the present, for you to transition that inner power from inside of you by taking control or your life emotionally. You will have the freedom and the happiness we all deserve.

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