Stand Number: 1120

EasyAim Simulator

EasyAim Simulator develops safe, portable and user friendly Shooting Simulators.

Our shooting simulator system relies on robust technology to provide a differentiated experience regarding shooting skills training.

It can be carried and set up by a single user, anywhere, even at lighted or non-controlled light environments.

Several training modes are available, from regular shooting ranges up to 5 simultaneous shooters, to 3D scenarios with multiple targets and interactive video.

The EasyAim Simulator allows its users to use their real firearms for more efficient practice sessions, or even use airsoft replicas or laser firearm prototypes.

Provides tactic, precision and dynamic shooting simulations for operational, judgemental and stress reaction effective training, being suited for law enforcement and military training, as well as sport shooting training and entertainment.

Using the Shooting Simulator you can maximize the number of training sessions, instructor time, evaluation efficiency and provides a high return on investment, moreover minimizes ammunition consumption, equipment wear, downtime and other associated costs.

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