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Talie Prowse LTD

Talie Prowse are an engagement consultancy who pride ourselves on being different to any other. We are your partner in all things people related. In order to help your specific needs, we embed ourselves within your team to live and breathe what your employees do, how they feel and ultimately their perception of their relationship with you as an employer. We instil positive attitudes and behaviours and commitment to your goals and values. We measure success through continuous data tracking and working closely with the leadership teams to drive behavioural change.

The three key areas in which we focus on are Attraction, Engagement and Retention. Every client is different and these will come with a different order of priority. At Talie Prowse we believe these 3 key areas are interlinked in the continuous cycle of employee engagement so we tackle all three areas leaving you with a tool kit to continue the positive culture we help you to create.

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