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Leadership Eye

Leadership needs fixing. Solution: 7 lenses of the Leadership Eye.

Performance and Productivity:  On the average 10-person workplace bike, only 3 engaged people are cycling heartily, 5 unengaged people are freewheeling and 2 disengaged people are applying the brakes and trying to nudge the bike off course!  
Employee engagement coupled with a systemic approach to improvement is key to empowering your workforce in driving leadership and action.  An empowered and aligned workforce drives high performance and increased productivity. 
Raising our `management performance by 0.1% can increase productivity by 10%` (Andrew Hill, FT).  Our business is to raise your leadership performance and get everyone cycling...together and heartily!
The solution: the Leadership Eye with The 7 Lenses of Authentic Leadership.  No more, no less.

Come see for yourself with our edutaining and interactive toolkit.

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