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Fuzzy Logic

Fuzzy Logic is a team of expert developers of Games, Augmented Reality, Virtual Reality and App products on Apple, Android, Microsoft Hololens and various other platforms.

We help businesses improve sales, training, maintenance and marketing, by creating AR, VR or gamified solutions aimed at your users or clients.

We have over 20 years of international experience, having worked with household-names across the world, including Disney, Roche, Vodafone, Renault, Hyundai, Anglo Platinum, Cadburys and many more.

We use cutting-edge technology, analytics, behavioural psychology and user research to create entertaining, commercially successful products. The team strongly believe in rapid prototyping and agile project management methodologies and embrace the concept of user feedback, combined with interactive development, all aimed at creating exceptional, immersive experiences.

Fuzzy Logic strives to bring innovative mechanics and AAA production values to all of our products and we work tirelessly to provide the user with the best possible experience.

Based in South Africa, we offer cost-effective solutions with an experienced English speaking team working in a similar time zone as the UK and Europe.

Get in touch to let us help you develop an AR, VR or gamified solution for your business.

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