Angels' Den

Angel's Den at the Business Show

Would your business benefit from the financial backing of a business angel who not only has the cash, but also the experience and insight to make the very most out of your business? If yes, then that is exactly what is on offer from The Business Show’s Angels Den this year.

How often do you get the chance to present your business in front of wealthy and successful individuals who have the knowledge and financial clout to change your business fortunes in an instant? Probably not that often. Just to heat things up a little more, did we mention that you will be making the pitch of your life in front of a live audience?

This section of the show offers the opportunity of a lifetime for individuals to make a pitch that could change their own and their business’ life. If you’re not ready to make your own pitch just yet, come and support these exciting entrepreneurs by taking your place in the audience and watch some entertaining presentations whilst learning the do’s and dont’s for when you are ready to seek your own investment.

Regardless of if you want to make your pitch of a lifetime or witness the spectacle of Angels Den from the audience, the Angels Den is a fixture of this years show that cannot be missed.

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Thursday & Friday

  • 11.00: Talk: How To Create A Killer Funding Pitch
  • 12.00: Live Pitch To Investors
  • 13.00: Talk: How To Create A Killer Funding Pitch
  • 14.00: Get Funded
  • 15.00: Talk: What Are Angel Investors Really Looking For In Your Business