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Growing Your Business Masterclass

Masterclass at the Business Show

Access to Funding

All businesses require funding at some point to grow, are you one of these?
T4C’s Access to Funding service adds real value to any ambitious growing business by providing funding at the right time for you to achieve your potential. Such funding is not limited to sectors, so if you want to buy machinery, extend your premises, create jobs, design new products or increase profits and accelerate growth - attending this masterclass is a must! T4C’s unique software enables our funding team to identify suitable funds from a bank of almost 8000 current funding options. Our software coupled with our funding team’s immense knowledge is a formidable combination! T4C’s services are not limited to grant funding, their expertise covers many other taxable benefits including R & D and Embedded Capital Allowances, along with specialist knowledge of the new Apprenticeship Levy for larger employers. Join speakers John Hesketh and Andy Wood

Marketing for the Future

In the era of avocado toast, how do you prepare to market your services to the millennial managing directors of the future. The tone and style of business is set to change, and in many places, it already is. Phone calls make way for live chats, and emails are pushed aside by instant messaging on platforms like Facebook and Twitter.
In under an hour we’ll talk about how to mould and change your marketing strategies of old to appeal to the audiences of the future. Humour, minimalist design, viral marketing and fresh takes, from millennials, to appeal to millennials.

The importance of engaging workforce culture

Despite billions being spent on leadership, we keep on having the same old costly people problems - conflict, mistrust, low morale and disengagement. This is an old problem that requires a new approach, a different style of leadership, a culture that breeds openness, trust and engagement. Shay McConnon will give you practical ways to create the culture of engagement where staff are happy, engaged, well led and productive. He specialises in mind set and behaviour change i.e. bringing about the change rather than talking about it – transformation rather than information. The business case for employee engagement has been made, but people struggle to create it. Shay will share with you his approach for a multi-generational workplace. Join speaker Shay McConnon

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  • 11:00 - Access to Funding
  • 12:00 - Crowd Funding
  • 13:00 - Access to Funding
  • 14:00 - AVN
  • 15:00 - Crowdfunding
  • 16:00 - Access to Funding


  • 11:00 - Access to Funding
  • 12:00 - AVN
  • 13:00 - Access to Funding
  • 14:00 - Employment Law/Health & Safety/Employee Well Being
  • 15:00 - Crowd Funding
  • 16:00 - AVN