5 Ways to Add Value To Your Business

Value is what all businesses strive to provide their clients and build for themselves. Value is both real and sometimes elusive. Money, after all, is purely an invention for exchanging value and not value in itself, even if it does indeed make the world go round! Profit, measured in money, is a far greater indicator of value that simply revenues. As the cliché goes; Turnover is Vanity, Profit is Sanity!

Businesses of all shapes and sizes rely on their telecoms to function. It is also true that many businesses trust a third party over telecoms providers to give them the right advice in choosing what technologies to install and why. If your business acts as a trusted advisor to other businesses, you could gain value that is not just monetary, through recommending a BT product or service to your client base. Here are just 5 of the ways becoming an Authorised Supplier for BT could help add value to your business:

  1. Stickiness: Further cement customer relationships and extend your company’s relevance and engagement with its customers through ongoing service opportunities.

  2. Additional profit: Boost your bottom line with gross profit income when you refer a BT product of service.

  3. The right solution: Often the need for a service is clear. However, when there is more than one way to fulfil that need, our expert team will guide you to the right solution. Giving you time to concentrate on the bigger picture - the running of your business.

  4. Sell one more thing: The fastest way to grow any business is to sell one more thing to those clients you have already converted. The cost of sales is less for existing relationships and the more you provide the stronger that relationship can become.

  5. Stay connected: Communication is at the heart of all successful sales activity. Increase the channels and topics you can raise with prospective and existing customers and grow sales opportunities with a new conversation.

We have partners who are Managed Service Providers (MSPs), Niche IT solutions, Businesses and Telecoms Resellers, as well as Franchise Networks and Business Advisors. All see the value of being able to leverage the BT brand and the benefits their products and services can bring to businesses, large and small!

Getech are focused and committed to helping our partners maximise the opportunities being a BT partner brings – adding value to your customers’ businesses and to your bottom line. Could we help you get more value from your business relationships?

Contact us at 01473 240470 or via btsales@getech.co.uk to find out more or grab a coffee and visit our team for an informal chat on Stand 1131.