How to measure your offline advertising

How to measure your offline advertising: image 1

Digital advertising is trackable down to the last click, making it easy to see where you’re getting conversions and exactly what that advert is doing for your business.

How then, can we achieve the same levels of measurability with offline ads? The reality is we can’t track these ads as well as digital. However, this doesn’t mean digital writes off offline advertising, far from it. In fact, we can use our digital tracking to help us measure offline ads better than ever, here are a few tried and tested methods.

Use ad specific URL’s and landing pages

Printing your website URL on a bus stop poster could be getting visitors to your site but unless you have given a specific web address for that ad it’s all guess work. Use unique URL’s for each ad and you can see how many visitors you got to the site from that ad, from there it’s easy digital tracking to conversion.

Use discount codes

Using a discount code means your customer is typing something into your website that basically tells you where they’ve seen you. For example, offering 20% off or a 1-month free trial with code ‘BUSSTOP1’ will show you that your conversion has come from that specific ad. Discount codes don’t always need to be money off, it could be they are entered into a competition or sent a link to an exclusive sale.

Give a custom email address

If you are using an email address on your ad as a point of contact, then utilize it for tracking too. By using a custom email like ‘’ you can easily track if there has been any email contact from that specific ad.

Try adding social media tags

It’s general practice for businesses to have active social accounts nowadays. These accounts make it easy for customers to follow your business without much dedication. This is great if your customer isn’t ready to buy from you but gives you the opportunity to stay in the line of sight for when they are. Add your social handles to your ads for people to follow and try using a specific hashtag for them to tag you with so you can track where they saw you. Don’t expect to go viral with your hashtag, but every bit of tracking helps!

Trackable phone numbers

Naturally we use these on all our ads, so we’ll go into a little more detail. By using a virtual phone number on your ad, diverted to your usual business number, you can see exactly what calls have come through for that specific ad. You can track how many calls the ad got, what times they came in and where they came from.

With Tamar numbers you can do this with ease with our FREE Call Statistics feature, available with every number. You simply log into our Control Panel or App (also free) and you can keep track of your calls 24/7 at your own comfort.

To encourage enquiries, try using an 0800 number on your advertising. These numbers are the most recognised UK freephone numbers, free to call from landlines and mobiles.

Your Turn

Use all the above together in your offline ads and you have a much better level of measurability, making it easier than ever to track your printed advertising.

If you have a bit more time on your hands you can always try some A&B testing with your printed ads. Try one version of a flyer sent to a sample of your market, another version sent to another sample. Using all he tracking methods above see which flyer worked best for you and continue to send that one to the rest of that market database.

What do tracking numbers cost?

£4.99 per month +VAT. There’s no contract just a 1-month cancellation notice. No hidden costs, just outstanding value, that’s why we’re rated No.1 on TrustPilot. We have 2 tariffs available at £4.99, our 0800-number tariff with 500 inclusive minutes and our local landline tariff with 2500 inclusive minutes.

All our numbers come with over 10 free features so not only can you track your number, you can add that professional touch to your business too. For example, you can add a welcome announcement, welcoming customers to your business before connecting the call. You also get Voicemail, Timed Diverts, Blacklist, Missed Call Alerts and more.

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