Why Negative Feedback Is Good For Your Business

Why Negative Feedback Is Good For Your Business: image 1 Why

Two years ago, at The Business Show at London Excel, l launched my then NEW brand, Alison Edgar – The Entrepreneur’s Godmother. For those of you who have launched a brand, you will understand how much preparation, planning, marketing and financial commitment is involved. It’s a scary thought for any company, let alone a small business like mine.

For attendees or exhibitors at the show, you will remember us in pink with the tiaras and wands, not many people could miss us! This was a fearful decision, at an event with lots of attendees in corporate suits, were we pushing the boundary too far by looking like a scene from an Ibiza Hen Weekend? The answer is yes and no, because, in life, you can please some of the people all of the time, but you can’t please all of the people all of the time. My vision was to stand out and be remembered, we certainly achieved that. I remember that this was proven a week or so after the event on a follow-up call with someone I met at the show. He had gone back to his shared work space and was talking about our brand to an adjoining company. The non-attendee said, “Yuck I could never do business with someone like that”. Some people would take that as a negative and become defensive or low. I take it as a BIG FAT yes! People are talking about my brand in marketing terms, this is a fantastic result for a newly launched product or service. Not everyone has an Apple product, but I imagine that nobody has never heard of Apple!

A question I often get asked is WHY I created The Entrepreneur’s Godmother, what’s wrong with Sales Coaching Solutions and why not just stay the same? Sales Coaching Solutions lives and breathes as normal, working with sales teams, but The Godmother brand is born from necessity. On November 27th 2015, the Government closed The Business Growth Service and withdrew all match funding to help small businesses access specialist advice. They asked the private sector to “Step Up” and fill the gap, so I did. Lots of companies who used Growth Accelerator and the similar scheme Growth Vouchers saw a massive upturn in sales and profits. I’m sure lots of well-established companies will continue taking advice as it financially viable for them to sustain even without the funding. But what about the Start-Up’s, Micro’s and Owner managed businesses? Without a financial lifeline, it could be make or break for them. This is where The Entrepreneur’s Godmother waves her wand.

In general, the feedback we received was fantastic at the event, but some people will HATE us, and that is OK. It was great to hear so many people commenting on our branding, and I can’t wait for this year’s event where even more people will be commenting. Love it or hate it? “Any press is good press!”

It is amazing to think that now, two years on, I am The UK’s #1 Sales and Marketing Adviser, GBEA Judge, international speaker, and best-selling author. Now, The Entrepreneur’s Godmother, is returning back to its launch location, and sponsoring Keynote Stage 1 at this year’s Business Show on the 16th and 17th of May. You can find me speaking on Keynote 1 on Wednesday, and financial theatre on Thursday. Come and meet me and the team on stand 990!

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