SushiChain blockchain platform for decentralized apps

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The concept of decentralisation is very compelling when faced with the numerous ways you can be parted with both your money and sensitive information. In our modern digital age, we have come to rely on social media, online services, and products for our day to day existence. But the majority of online services we use are holding our sensitive data in a centralised manner. This means that criminals focus all their efforts on these huge caches of data knowing that once they crack it they have access to a vast set of user data which is very saleable in the wrong hands.

The theft of your sensitive data fuels a range of other criminal activities such as fraud, identity theft, and money laundering. Another major issue with how your data is held is that in the majority of cases if you want to view, edit or delete the data it’s a difficult process. Recent changes in the law regarding data protection have helped a lot but for some services, it can still feel almost impossible to control your own data.

One of the major benefits of blockchain technology is that it is both secure and decentralised. So criminals have no central cache of data to plunder because everyone can hold and control their own data. This is the promise of decentralisation where blockchain is the gateway to this brave new utopian internet.  

Imagine being able to decide which apps are allowed to see specific data and holding your own content in specially designed apps which run on your smartphone and computer. This is just the beginning though. You could hold your own identity that was verified in the blockchain via official institutions and a network of friends. Using this identity you could chat securely to friends and institutions and know that you are really talking to who you think. You could send money anywhere easily and make use of a variety of services with no further authentication required.

Blockchain technology also has at its core an immutable ledger and extensive cryptography that ensures the integrity of the ledger cannot be subverted.  Essentially this means that once something has passed through the globally distributed consensus mechanism and is written into the ledger it’s written in stone. It cannot be changed. The strengths of blockchain really make this a technology that could be a game changer for many aspects of our lives.

SushiChain is dedicated to building a platform that will allow people to build decentralised applications which can take advantage of all the benefits of blockchain technology. Visit us at and keep an eye out for our upcoming flagship decentralised application.