Film Your Product Using A Robot

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For a table-top film studio like ours having a robot capable of executing an infinite range of smooth camera moves makes perfect business sense, most importantly it will increase the production value of everything we shoot using it. Quite simply; great shots become fantastic shots, tricky camera moves become a thing of the past and repeatable, frame accurate shots become simple additions to the shot list. There will be time savings on set which is a huge benefit for our clients.

Lighting has always been key to the work we do, it's the lighting that can either make or break a product shot. Over the 30 years we've been in business we have put a huge emphasis on having photographers and DOPs with unmatched experience and skills in this specialist field. For the film department, the next logical step for us was to offer beautiful camera movement to our shots, of course, there's already a lot we can achieve using traditional methods, but there's an awful lot more we can achieve with a robot.

With the robot arm we can plot moves that encompass many different axes in a single shot, simply not possible using sliders and cranes. That shot can then be modified, lengthened or shortened by minor adjustments in the controller, or repeated so products or other elements can be swapped out over multiple takes. There's a whole variety of reasons why using a robot to get the shot makes sense.

Having the robot in-house as a permanent feature of our set-up means we can really get to grips with the almost limitless possibilities the rig offers by getting to know it inside out. We're aiming for the day when using the robot is standard practice, like using a tripod and head, we want it to become second nature for our crew.

For our clients, having the robot in-house gives us the opportunity to be very competitive on hire costs, we will be in a position to hire it on a half day basis or perhaps hourly depending on the complexity of the shots required. We hope to be able to offer this exciting and versatile service as an option on almost all jobs regardless of budget.