UENI Announces a Special Offer for Small Businesses

UENI Announces a Special Offer for Small Businesses : image 1

UENI, a company that enables small businesses to get discovered by local consumers and provides solutions for generating leads, has announced a special offer specifically for the Business Show 2017. UENI is offering small businesses a free package that includes the creation of business web pages on the UENI marketplace, Facebook and Google My Business, and provides them £150 worth of free Google search advertisements.

Unlike other local search and directory companies who offer such a service, UENI web pages are different as they are specifically designed to generate leads and bookings for businesses. UENI utilizes location experts to walk and collect all the data about businesses, including the services they offer and their prices. In most cases, UENI would already have the data about the business to create a web page for them, so the small business owners would not have to spend time filling long forms and uploading image files.

UENI offers no-frills, pre-packaged advertising solutions for local businesses. It has an exhaustive database of both long-tail and broad keywords and ad copies, which have been created using UENI’s proprietary granular index for products and services offered by small businesses. UENI enables business owners to get their search ad campaign started by just signing up, with no other effort required on their part. This way, small business owners can focus their time and energy on providing the best products and services to their local community, while UENI will spread the word about their business and get them more leads and bookings.


In future, UENI will also provide a local search service, where consumers will be able to search, compare, and book services from local businesses. Small businesses can sign-up for this special Business Show 2017 offer at https://join.ueni.com/show/.




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