Is poor communication costing your business?

Is poor communication costing your business?: image 1

While I rile against the need to wear a suit to every meeting, even though my father was a Saville Row master tailor, I still believe first impressions are crucial.

So many small businesses believe branding is everything, websites, business cards, glossy brochures .... But then fail to meet brand standards, if they even existed.

Surely brand standards for any business must be clear communications, honest and ethical trading, professionalism at all times .... Then other essentials specific to your business or industry.

Then why do I receive careless emails, with incorrect meeting times? Requests to speak to me and  then people fail to call at the allotted time? Or even calls and meetings where there has been no preparation on the part of the caller or meeting host?

If you are contacting future or current customers, or even other potential business partners then the following rules are as important as the brand colours of your logo or your suit:

1. Know who you are calling ... Check their website, or web presence (Facebook, Twitter or LinkedIn) .... Then you will know what the person looks like and is interested in .... It makes face to face and phone calls instantly open to great rapport

2. Be on time .... Face to face or by phone, lateness shows disrespect! Set an alarm on your phone for five or more minutes before a meeting so you can be mentally prepared.

3. If a previous meeting over runs ... Either stop it and reschedule, or take a break and text or phone to advise the person you are meeting next that you will be late even if it is just five minutes late.

4. Prepare your customer or business partner for the call. Let them know the purpose of the call, don't waste the time of other small businesses. Send a report or even a link to the topic you want to discuss, you will have a better outcome, as you can move to questions and objections rather than details.

Simple tips that are repeatedly failed by businesses and individuals that want to speak or meet with me. A recent example involved three failed phone meetings, one set of information not sent, one meeting partially arranged by phone and not confirmed by email, then when I chased for confirmation the time was wrong and I wasted ninety minutes sitting in reception. The result they wanted money from me .... They did not get it .....

Are you losing customers needlessly? Take half a day to create a clear communication strategy for all new and ongoing customers and business to business communications and be sure all your team understand the importance of first (and ongoing) impressions.

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