You underwhelm me!

You underwhelm me!: image 1

I am quite attuned to speakers and presenters, even sales people I meet that have been on training courses and have certain "tricks". You've seen them on the stage .... hands up, answers questions, do you agree with me?

There are a number of quite successful business presenters that are simply dreadful on stage .... the lack of integrity and authenticity from them is palpable. Equally we have all met a pushy sales person, or a flaccid, ineffectual sales "rep".

Whether you sell from a stage or in one to one meetings, the first impressions you generate will determine your success. How can you acquire and hone your skills and still maintain your personal integrity?

Success is found in how you manage your energy and physical presence, then comes your preparation and customer/audience or search. If you are going to get your message across then authenticity is crucial, your audience will immediately spot any doubts.

Understand why you are on the stage or in the meeting. Is it because you genuinely and passionately believe you have something to offer or because you just want to make money from those in the room with no regard for the value to them.

Are you losing sales needlessly? Take half a day to create a clear sales strategy for all new and ongoing customers and business to business communications and be sure all your team understand the importance of first (and ongoing) impressions.

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