A Game Changer For Recruitment

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The concept of gamification (i.e. applying game mechanics and design in non-game contexts) has been shaping recruitment for over 20 years. For companies, gamification can be used to engage people with the brand and personalize the job hunting process for potential hires—whilst making the process ‘fun’ for the candidates.

There is clearly a rising appetite for game-based solutions for talent acquisition and retention with companies such as Google, L’Oreal and Deloitte already having successfully integrated games into their training and/or recruitment process.

Talent specialists and employers can now choose from several different formats. From apps to specialized software which allow candidates to complete the assessment whilst sat at a desk or even from the comfort of their own homes, to fully immersive real-life escape room games, there is definitely a game-based solution for everyone and the possibilities are endless!

The benefits of integrating gamification into the assessment process are both visible and measurable. Studies show that the right game-based assessment method could not only help your business recruit the right talent, but it could also help you lower attrition in the long run. Candidates often perceive companies that adopt a game-like attitude to have a company culture that believes in innovation and creativity and an engaging work environment.

Moreover, game-based assessment can be extremely powerful in turning otherwise traditional training topics into a fun experience, resulting in higher completion and engagement rates. From a regulatory perspective this is a considerable win for employers and recruiters.

However, methods that involve the use of digital platforms, although convenient in terms of the volume of candidates that can be assessed at the same time, are often deemed too impersonal. This is why real life game-based assessment could be more suitable for companies who aim to engage candidates with the brand and to personalise the recruitment process.

One of the key benefits of using real life gameplay, is that it enables candidates to immerse themselves in the challenge whilst detaching themselves from the feeling of being ‘measured’. This allows assessors to directly observe soft skills which candidates may not be able to convey in a traditional assessment environment or via an app. This skills include but are not limited to: teamwork, communication, problem solving, outside-of-the-box thinking, leadership, professionalism, initiative and many more.

Real life game-based assessment also enables top talent to bond with a brand early from the recruitment stage. High calibre candidates who prioritise working for innovative, creative companies will immediately recognise a culture that shares and nurtures these aspirations.

A number of well-known companies are already experimenting with gamification. Whilst gamified assessment may not be compatible with every recruiter’s objectives, when blended with other solutions it may well be able to give your brand the edge when it comes to attracting and engaging with top talent.

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Julia Boghe | Brand Manager, clueQuest Ltd,  E:jules@clueQuest.co.uk

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