The Business Funding Club

The BFS was created to close the funding gap between funding providers and SMEs.

The business world has changed during the last years and the ways businesses get funded too. Although there are many sources of funding that facilitate the access to finance compared to a few years ago, many businesses continue to struggle to obtain the investment they need, simply because they don’t know about all available options. With that in mind, in 2016, London hosted UK’s and, indeed, Europe’s first ever Business Funding Show (BFS), exclusively aimed at Small and Medium businesses. The BFS, originally planned as an annual event where businesses can find their best funding solutions, shortly turned into a series of events introducing entrepreneurs to top funders and helping them to find out more about various funding avenues.

We help businesses to learn about all the available funding options in the market and meet finance-providers in the most time-efficient way.

There are many providers on one hand and so many businesses looking for funding on another but, apparently, they still can’t meet. Through our events (The BFS exhibition, conferences and workshops) we give the opportunity for SMEs to meet the entire spectrum of finance providers and choose the best funding option. We provide the guidance, knowledge and understanding of what it takes to get funding.

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