Mark Wright

Mark Wright is an influential entrepreneur and self-taught digital marketing specialist, renowned for his success in winning BBC’s The Apprentice 2014.

In securing the winners title, Mark went on to find and develop one of the UK’s fastest growing digital marketing agencies, Climb Online, in partnership with Lord Sugar.

As the most successful business to have been founded by an Apprentice winner to date, Climb Online turned over an impressive £1.7 million and secured contracts with over 200 businesses from across the UK and overseas in its first year of trading alone, and now boasts a forecasted second year turnover in excess of £4 million for January 2017.

Boasting a sincere drive for success, Mark now plans to transform Climb Online into a global business – with South Africa, Australia and Dubai firmly in sight.

‘Building a Successful Business with Digital

Join Mark at The Business Show 2017 to hear about his journey first hand, including real insight into his business success, together with top tips on how you can grow your business through digital marketing – followed by an open Q&A session.

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