Allen Pluck

Allen Pluck CEO Portobello Business Centre (PBC)
Allen joined PBC in January 2015
He''s passionate about Small / Micro Businesses and has over 25 years of experience working within local Enterprise Support sector. Having spent time in his early career working for some large corporates, he branched into the world of Self-Employment by buying his own Hotel in Oxfordshire in his mid-twenties.
From that time to this micro business has been in Allen''s blood and he strives to support everything small and local at every opportunity he can find.
He is committed to working in partnership, recycles everything (including his clients) and cares deeply about putting things back into his local community. He sees self-employment being a doorway to enable those with caring responsibilities to wrap the need to work around their lives and family responsibilities.

Surviving a disaster

Following the disaster at Grenfell Tower many businesses found themselves caught up in the disaster, locked out of their premises and unable to trade. Portobello Business Centre has been helping those businesses affected
With a seemingly increasing level of events like those at Borough Market and Grenfell, this seminar looks at what realistic precautions, self–employed and micro businesses might be able to take to guard against the unexpected.


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