Andy Bailey

Andy’s passion is helping people improve efficiency and to work smarter. Having spent 20 years in the accountancy profession, the last 10 including IT and software development, Andy is able to evaluate and streamline a system tailor-made for your business. Software must be maintained after it’s designed and installed. When tax or accounting laws and practices change, such as the introduction of MTD, GDPR…or Brexit! you won’t want to take time to discover how to do the update.

Andy has developed multiple software solutions in the UK and Europe and participated actively from inception to installation. He is grateful to have had great success in developing highly successful software solutions and increasing the productivity of these businesses.

Andy Founded Octopus Blue in 2016 to share his unique perspective on why and how accountants and business leaders should evaluate business software for their practice and clients.

How to Evaluate Business Software

The cloud business software market has matured and with an increasing number of start-ups offering solutions it is becoming more difficult, and more time-consuming, to choose between them. Should you go with best of breed? An integrated suite? Or something else entirely?

Find out how to evaluate which solutions are best for you and your business with Andy Bailey, founder and CEO of Octopus Blue. The Business Software Experts.