Annica Törneryd

Award-winning mentor, certified coach, bestselling author and international speaker; Annica Törneryd loves everything related to our self-image and how we allow ourselves to play small and stay stuck by listening to our limiting beliefs.
Annica personally applies the tools she shares with her clients, to transform her own life and enhance her performance, time management, and productivity. She has designed her dream lifestyle, combining the freedom she wants for her private life with her professional goals. She loves to perform on an international arena and work with people who also want to live life to the fullest. Annica is dedicated to always deliver to her highest standards and will inspire you to do the same.
As an Executive Director of the John Maxwell Team, Annica offers keynotes, interactive workshops and group training on leadership, communication and personal development as well as executive coaching.

Your limiting beliefs stop you from being successful

In 2014, Annica left a secure employment to start her coaching business. As a single mom of three, alone in a foreign country, with no family or financial support, and no prior experience of running a business, she made all the mistakes in the book. Determined to make it work, she eventually cracked the code and celebrated her first 20K month. She’ll share exactly HOW she did it!