Chris Downing

Chris created Milsted Langdon’s Business Intelligence department, which is unique in the accountancy sector. The team utilise core accounting skills, information technology and detailed knowledge of popular software packages to improve the quality of management information and deliver advice outside of the scope of most other accountancy practices.

He has a hands on approach with a clear-headed attitude to technology who brings a solid, practical perspective to everyday commercial issues. He’s acknowledged by his clients and colleagues as someone who explains, teaches and inspires the application of technology in the workplace with passion.

Being unafraid to explore new applications and an overarching aim to empower users with the dark arts of data interrogation with Excel (and now Power BI!) makes him the go to person for advocating the creative use of emerging technologies to solve unusual problems.

Dazzling data analytics with Power BI

Given the rapid developments in technology and regulation, business owners need to enhance and foster new
skills and be bold enough to seize opportunities as they present themselves. Traditional methods of accounting
are becoming increasingly antiquated in themselves, as automation, cloud and big data leave tangible footprints
in established financial processes. Be prepared to be dazzled by deep dive data analytics and Power BI.