Clive Lewis

Clive is Head of Enterprise at ICAEW and an ICAEW chartered accountant. After qualifying he spent 20 years in business finance roles including four years as finance director of a small electronics plc where he was actively involved in re-financing the company and restructuring its operations At ICAEW, he has worked to research members views on issues concerning the UK economy including access to finance and companies hoarding cash. Research reports inform ICAEW Budget submissions. He has also helped create the ICAEW Business Advice Service (BAS) and Business Finance Advice (BFA) scheme. Both schemes signpost businesses to sources of independent professional advice.

The Many Options for Accessing Finance

There are over 350 finance providers in the UK. How does a small businesses decide which finance provider and which type of finance will suit their business’ stage of development? This seminar will explain the options available and what factors are important in choosing finance.


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