Dionne Smith

With over 25 years business development, brand and marketing experience, I know what it takes to build a successful brand. As a personal and business branding consultant, trainer and coach, I focus on create a strategy and plan for you and your business that is authentic and credible to what FEELS right for you. Guiding you exactly where you want to go according to your mission, vision and values. Having worked for large corporations as well as small start-up firms, my passion for brand culture and ethics means that I strive to bring innovation, dedication and commitment to helping my clients achieve their goals as an individual and in business. Building and maintaining a great personal or business brand means working from the inside out, motivating yourself and your team as well as delivering a customer service proposition that creates preference and loyalty with your target audience.

Start Your Business and Make Your Brand Impact!

As a new entrepreneur, understanding what it takes to build a strong and profitable business brand is essential from the beginning if you want to make an impact on your audience. This seminar will dispel the myths of what branding really is and help you understand how to create a successful business brand!


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