Francesca Dal Corso

Francesca is the co-founder of Superbrain, and an accelerated learning trainer. During her career 7+ year career, she’s trained over 3,000 students and professionals aged 14-75.

Francesca fell in love with the power of the human mind in Milan, Italy, where she trained a wide range of clients for 3 years.

Empowered with her student’s extraordinary results, she went on to spend a 1.5 years in Florida, USA, training students while gaining an even deeper understanding of advanced learning techniques.

Francesca’s curiosity about the human learning potential and her passion to make a difference led her to London, where she has spent 2.5 years Super Reading, Information Processing and Memorisation techniques to individuals and businesses across London.

“Life is meant to be fun, and so is learning” - is something that Francesca truly believes and empowers her students with the right tools and mindset to become extraordinary learners.

What are the secrets to a limitless memory?

What if you could read 3x faster and remember anything you want?

There are many misconceptions about learning: I’m too old, my brain’s rusty, my memory’s bad, learning isn’t my thing, I’m a slow reader, I just can’t focus…

The truth? We’ve never been taught how to learn.

During this session you will learn how to supercharge your learning skills in a way that’s tailored to your individual learning style.