Jayabalan Gukanesan is the Director and founder of IC Training Centre. In 2011 along with partner Rupal Mehta, he created International Consultants Trading limited (‘trading as) IC Training Centre. Jayabalan is also the founding member of two educational organisations; namely Educare Children’s Centre which offers business franchise opportunities and UK Education which is a C.I.C. (Community Interest Company), providing skills training for local community. Jayabalan has a 2020 vision – striving for excellence in education and training. He wants his work to contribute towards creating jobs, contributing towards the economic growth of the country, promoting talent and creating lasting opportunities to get skilled, re-skilled and develop flourishing career progression paths into sectors and industries that are relevant for today’s economy better. His remarkable journey is an inspiration of what can be achieved, a great role model for his customers, students and alumni. It’s a journey of achievement and growth.



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