Kate Iroegbu

Kate Iroegbu is the Director/CEO of TriumphInTheMidstOfAdversity.Com a limited company based in London founded to help many to be coached to unlock their potential, in order to live a fulfilled life. She is an International Public Speaker, Strategic Coach Overcoming Adversity, Life Coach, Strategic Consultant, Talk Show Host, and Motivational Speaker.
Kate is an inspiration to all and transforms lives. She has redefined adversity, as the process, we have to undergo to be strengthened, to make a better version of ourselves, and prepare us for our next level of success, to live a fulfilled life.
Kate’s reason for redefining adversity was that in adversity many dwells on the pain it brings alone and ignore, or rather become blinded to the opportunity it brings before them.
In difficulties, there is always an opportunity, if not opportunities.
Kate Iroegbu is very passionate about coaching, public speaking, and her Show Kate O Show on YouTube. Her vision to help many fulfil their potential is highly driven.

How To Turn Your Adversity To Triumph

At some stage in our lives, we may encounter difficulties, and when this happens, due to the failure of having a better understanding of adversity, and the strategy to handle adversity made many to become overwhelmed, frustrated and therefore crumble in difficulties.

Having been through several adverse situations in life, I will be sharing with you my eight key strategies to handle adversity that led to ultimate triumph.


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