Clive Rich

Clive Rich is a barrister, mediator, arbitrator and negotiator. During a 30 year career he has brokered and drafted deals for and with the likes of Sony, Apple, Microsoft, Vodafone, MySpace, MTV, the Royal Opera House, the BBC, Pepsi, Tesco and the remarkable Simon Cowell.

He is the author of a successful book on modern negotiation ‘The Yes Book’, and has launched a successful negotiation app called ‘Close My Deal’.

He is also the founder and Chairman of ‘LawBite’, a Law-tech Platform providing ‘Simple Law for Small Companies’. He is also the author of ‘Small Business Law for Dummies’ part of the famous Dummies series. LawBite keeps small companies safe and sound at a price they can afford – delivering easy-to-understand documents, software tools, and legal advice from experienced and regulated UK lawyers at a fraction of the normal price. It covers small companies for all their legal needs from start-up to exit – including looking after their Intellectual Property Clive

Use it or lose it - unlocking the value in your IP

This seminar is about how to build value from your Intellectual property – your copyrights, trademarks, designs and patents. Small companies often ignore their IP, but if you think Intellectual Property doesn''t mean anything, then think of the fortune generated for Simon Cowell based on the IP developed for X Factor, Pop Idol and Got Talent. Or the US$44 billion valuation of Google’s trademarks. Or the US$20 billion a year earned by the US book industry – don’t miss out on your share of the IP cake..,


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