Leandi Delport

Leandi Delport is the business development manager for Fuzzy Logic and her everyday role involves working with clients in all industries to help strategise and develop AR, VR and gamification services. She has helped clients such as Hyundai, Roche, Anglo Platinum and Investec, navigate the tricky process of identifying key business drivers for companies and helping shape a technology solution that powers these up, rather than replacing them. With a multi-faceted background in analytics, TV production and product solution design, she can help businesses use new technologies in simple, cost-effective, yet powerful ways.

Using AR & VR to disrupt your business

Augmented and Virtual reality solutions will transform everyday lives and become a critical part of our businesses. At the same time, it will disrupt industries and change expectations of how clients, staff and users interact with services, products and companies. Navigating this transition could transform or threaten your business and understanding the next digital transition will be key to succeeding in the future.

Leandi Delport will be speaking in the following theatres:

Theatre 5 - Thursday 15.30 - 16.00: Using AR & VR to disrupt your business


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