Linzi Boyd

Linzi Boyd is a serial entrepreneur, international speaker, award-winning author and Founder of Business of Brand. 

By age 24 she had set up and sold two businesses - her second company, which had seven global distribution channels, was sold to Caterpillar. Her third business, Surgery Group, became renowned for influencing an industry, championing some of the UK’s most well-respected high-street consumer brands known today. 

Linzi co-Founded the BoB Group with Darren Shirlaw, and today works alongside him acting as an ambassador in the enterprise market, teaching entrepreneurs how to design, build and activate a brand-led growth plan for bigger valuation and scale, creating the face of modern business.

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Building Brands to Shift Industries: Today, Tomorrow, the Future

Modern businesses and entrepreneurial leaders are driven by purpose - what you want to be known for and the emotional journey of the customer, rather than the sales journey. Discover why modern business need to be brand-led, asset-driven and a platform of change, in order to accelerate growth and disrupt industries.

Linzi Boyd will be speaking in the following theatres:

Keynote 1 - Thursday 13.15 - 13.45: Building Brands to Shift Industries: Today, Tomorrow, the Future


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