Olly Betts

82% of small businesses fail because of poor cash flow management. 70 hours per month are lost and £13,896 per annum is spent addressing the admin overhead of your business, rather than running it. Open banking is coming and it removes the barrier between you and the pulse of your business, your financial data, meaning you can make sense and take control of your cashflow situation and simplify your admin processes. Come along and understand what open banking is, and how by integrating with the FSB Business Profiling platform, it cures your two biggest headaches as a small business owner.

Cashflow Troubles and Overwhelming Admin: how open banking can save you from the two biggest threats to your small business

Olly is Co-Founder and CEO of Bizfitech, an award winning fintech dedicated to building technology to help small businesses grow. Bizfitech is the team behind Business Finance Compared.com and Handle, the platform that fuels FSB Business Profiling