Patrick Fox

Patrick is a Business Coach, Trainer and Managing Director for The Athena Network. Having left education with only his GCSEs and some failed attempts at college, he went on to work in many industry sectors. Ranging from nights in a factory, a Camden market trader selling clothing, to working in a Private Bank in the City. He felt like a dynamic drifter, going from one job to the next with no sense of purpose or direction.

After being introduced to Life Coaching he knew this was his calling. A journey of self-discovery led to having a purpose and identify, he was able to incorporate all of his experience, knowledge and know how to help others achieve their business dreams.

You’ve got to think it’s true before it comes to you.

Cutting through the BS (Business Struggles)

Starting out in business can be tough and half the battle is in the mind. If you are just starting out in business or have the seedling of an idea, this talk will help you to recognise how your thinking holds you back and how to change it. Change your thoughts and cut through the BS!