Penny Power OBE

One of the UK’s most recognised digital community builders, Penny Power OBE is responsible for Founding Ecademy (a pre-runner to LinkedIn with 650,000 global members) and the Digital Youth Academy and The Business Café.

Penny’s passion for community and skills is evident in her books, the best-selling, Know Me, Like Me, Follow Me; Business is Personal, and the Digital Business Britain Manifesto.

Often interviewed and quoted in the national media Penny’s clients past and present includes: Banks, Telco’s, Software/SaaS, Retail Brands, Hardware distribution, Business Networks, National and Local Government.

Business is Personal

The overwhelming noise of the entrepreneur. Penny wants to help you calm it down by helping you be in control of the business you want. Penny will share her personal experience of managing the mental challenges of being an ambitious entrepreneur. Discussing happiness, anxiety, how to take control and how to live a far more rewarding business life. Being connected, having the right skills are critical but so is your mental fitness.

Penny Power OBE will be speaking in the following theatres:

Keynote Theatre 2 - Thursday 13.15 - 13.45: Business is Personal