Penny Power OBE

Penny has been speaking from the heart in her talk entitled “Business is Personal”.
For the past 20 years Penny has evangelized, trained, consulted and built businesses ensuring that business’ embrace the ability to socially connect online and offline in their leadership, words and culture. An early pioneer in the social networking world, Penny created the world’s first business social network in 1998, Ecademy. This grew into a global network that reduced the isolation and provided skills for small business owner’s and leaders. Awarded an OBE in 2014 for this contribution, Penny then spent 3 years in the digital skills sector, notably building a new Apprenticeship in Digital Marketing and helping 1000 young people into jobs. Digital Youth Academy was acquired by Seetec in October 2015
Now Penny is pioneering a change in offline networking, building The Business Cafe as a community Bridging the skills gap and providing networking and digital skills in real-time so people can achieve these needs Her mission is to reduce loneliness in self employment which in a survey suggested that 83% of sole traders are lonely. Additionally, Penny and The Business Cafe operation will increase the productivity of small business through the provision of free digital software onboarding and awareness.

Business is Personal

In Penny’s talk she will share in a real and raw manner about the mindset we need to manage self employment and build a business we can sustain and grow. Penny speaks from the heart about community, skills and mental health and her own journey of overcoming blocks.

Starting a business has never been easier, we are all inspired by the ease of building our online persona, But what about the skills we have to grow, the moments of despair, the loneliness and the barriers to productively working while trying to serve our customers. This is not a ‘hypey’ motivational talk. Penny’s intention is to make you see that in a ‘compare and despair’ wolrd of the online, knowing who you are and seeing your life as your own and not one to compare with others will stop those moments when you feel small and consider ‘giving up’. Penny has been a business owner for over 20 years, also a mum and a known thought leader in the social digital world. If Penny has found it tough, maybe it would help you to know that you are not alone and that you can overcome your scary moments and thrive though kindness to yourself and to others.