Phil Mitchell & Daryl Tompkins

Daryl has spent the last 13 years in marketing and advertising dating back to 2006 where the journey began in Radio advertising moving into the Publisher space and the last 6 years in digital marketing, from content recommendation networks to full service digital agency at Dentons Digital. Daryl specialises in websites, UX (user experience), CRO (conversion rate optimisation) and traffic acquisition. Taking businesses step by step through the complex minefield of Digital Marketing.

Phil has been interested in technology since he got his first Acorn Electron and started programming in basic. He has worked for many companies in the digital field whether that is developing or marketing. His main skillset is driving traffic primarily via PPC advertising as he said ‘it is binary you spend X amount and need to make more than that to profit. You either make a profit or not there is no talking around it.’

Optimising your website for conversions and driving website traffic.

In this seminar Phil and Daryl will discuss setting your site up for optimal conversion rates and how to monitor the effectiveness going forward utilising visitor recordings, heat maps and more. They will then go on to speak about how to drive visitors to the website and the many free and paid sources available.

Phil Mitchell & Daryl Tompkins will be speaking in the following theatres:

Theatre 5 - Wednesday 16.15 - 16.45: Optimising your website for conversions and driving website traffic.


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